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iFrost Lashes
Eyelash Extensions, lash lifts, Waxing & Permanent Makeup 
Permanent Makeup 💄re

Wake up with your makeup 💄 

All makeup is done using the hand tool method of micropigmentaion, making it one of the most gentle methods around

Consultation $50 (30 minutes, can be applied towards procedure.  Non refundable)

Microblading 1st visit $300, Microblading & shading $350
subsequent visits w/in 6mos $150 hair strokes, shading, powder)

Eyeliner 1st visit $250 per line

subsequent visits w/in 6mos. $150 (per line)

Lip liner 1st visit $350, subsequent visits w/in 6mos $200
Full Lip 1st visit $400, subsequent visits w/in 6mos $300

Prices do NOT include a follow up appointment.  All procedures can take two sometimes three visits to achieve the look desired.  The skin can not be overworked or it will not heal properly.  Not all clients are suitable for permanent makeup 💄  A topical numbing agent is applied before the procedure and reapplied throughout the procedure to ensure your comfort.

~refunds are not given for any services rendered~